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Prestige Account PDF Print E-mail

Prestige Account “

A bank account that suits you

A banking vision that meets your business needs and help you achieve your goals

The account is especially created for:

  • Women running their own business.

  • Women having different professions (doctor, engineer, pharmacist…)

  • Women employed in private and public sectors.

Prestige Account developed to address the unique needs of women in business…

Prestige Account Banking was created to address the unique needs of women.

As you seek more command over your business and personal finance, our goal is to help you feel that your money is working for you-not the other way around.

We offer you a wide variety of traditional and exclusive banking products and services that meet your complex banking needs, whether undertaking a routine transaction, or accessing more complex services in Syria.

Meeting or unique banking needs

Prestige Account brings you:

  • Assigning your Personal Banking advisor who is always at hand to advice you on all your banking needs.

  • Personal loans with the easiest conditions, competitive interest rates, and quickly procedures*.

  • Special Prestige account with high flexibility and preferential Interest rates.

  • Free Internet Banking.

  • Free SMS Banking.

  • Free check book.*

  • Special discount on safe deposit boxes to keep your valuables safe.

  • Branded ATM cards with special design.

  • Easy and express Access to Business loans with competitive interest rate*.

  • Special discounts at various retail stores, restaurants and cafes.

  • Prestige account gives you a wide range of our distinctive banking services.

*Upon rules and regulations.

Prestige Account can meet your banking needs- with the professional and highly personalized touch you expect.

Prestige Bank Account ensures your receive the best available Products and services that will meet you business needs, including:

  • Cash Management

  • Investment- local and International

  • Trade finance*

  • Lending and Credit requirements *

  • Foreign Exchange

  • Access to a wide range of convenient services such as Guarantees,

Loans, Letters of Credit, Certified Cheques, Standing Orders.