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Youth Banking

More independence, more rewards


It’s time for a little more of everything – a personalised ATM card giving you greater independence, easier saving options and even loans for laptops and tuition. Taking control means more freedom too – the fun part is the range of discounts and benefits we offer.

Youth Saver Account

  • Eligible for 14-18 year olds
  • One of the highest interest rates in the market
  • Personal ATM card to account holders over 15 years of age
  • Select discounts on retail stores, cinemas, restaurants and cafés
  • Free internet banking and SMS alerts
  • Free education insurance cover in case of accidental death of parent/ guardian, with the child receiving monthly payments of SYP 15,000 for five years
  • A standing order from the parent account can be set up
  • A minimum balance of SYP 10,000 and a maximum balance of SYP 1,000,000 must be maintained
  • Interest calculated monthly on the minimum balance of that month and credited to the account every six months

Youth Plus Account:

The Youth Plus Account provides the same great benefits and features of the Youth Saver Account, but with the added ability to take out a loan towards your education.

  • After high school graduation or after monthly deposits are maintained for 18 months, the account holder may apply for a loan of up to three times their account balance
  • Loan requests must have specific approved purposes, e.g. study, tuition, laptop, etc.
  • To be eligible, monthly deposits between SYP 3,000 and SYP 20,000 must be maintained
  • A very competitive flat interest rate is charged on the loan amount
  • Maximum loan term is one year
  • Loans must be taken a minimum of 12 months before graduation
  • The monthly account balance is retained as cash collateral with no interest payable
  • Parental guarantee is required for all loans