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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Manual (Arabic)
  • Committee Charters
A comprehensive and integrated structure of committee charters have been established to act as the backbone of Syria Gulf Bank organizational structure. Each committee charter has been created to support a specific function with the bank.

  • Corporate Code of Conduct & Value Statement
We are committed to the following core values:

1. Integrity:
We are open, honest and ethical – as individuals and as an organization.
2. Accountability:
We take our commitments seriously, and stand accountable for all our actions.
3. Teamwork:
We value the contributions of others, and know that we are strongest when we work together.

Accordingly, the board of directors, executives and employees of SGB shall continuously strive to implement and maintain the following principles:

1. Customers

To provide optimal benefits and satisfaction to our customers through delivery of quality products and services, fair treatment, and information confidentiality safeguards.

2. Shareholders

To deliver satisfactory returns to our shareholders through sustained superior operating results, effective internal control, auditing systems, and risk management.

3. Employees

To recruit and retain quality and capable personnel, continuously implement personnel development programs, and provide job security and career advancement opportunities.

4. Business partners and Competitors

To conduct business with the bank’s partners and competitors with fairness and confidentiality in compliance with applicable laws and regulations; not using dishonest or unethical means to gain information about our partners and competitors.

5. Creditors and Suppliers

To honor our agreements entered into with the bank’s creditors and suppliers in accordance with their terms and relevant laws and regulations.

6. Social responsibility

To conduct the bank’s business with responsibility towards the society and with sensitivity when dealing with issues which are related to public interest; and to regularly support and participate in activities that are beneficial to communities and the society.

7. Environment

To abide by environmental laws and regulations, implement effective safety and environmental management measures to prevent negative impacts on local communities, and promote employees’ awareness of and concern for the environment.

8. Conflict of interest

To implement measures to control and prevent transactions which may involve conflict of interests or inappropriate transactions with connected parties; and to put in place and follow policies, regulations and approval procedures; and to comply with regulatory requirements on approval of and disclosure of information on connected transactions.

9. Information disclosure

To deliver thorough, accurate and timely information to shareholders, investors, and the public in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

10. Corporate governance

To abide by governance principles prescribed by regulators of commercial banks and listed companies; and to earn the trust of its stakeholders to develop world-class governance systems for their benefit.