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زبائننا الكرام: سيتم إيقاف خدمة الصرافات الآلية حتى إشعار آخر

Welcome to Syria Gulf Bank

Let us show you how good a bank can be.You will find warm welcome and knowledgeable bankers at Syria Gulf Bank. Service Representatives will put together just the right banking package that meets all your life style needs. With all the modern features to do your banking anywhere precisely the way you like it.


Syria Gulf Bank has developed all its products and services with one goal in mind:

Making all your banking as flexible, easy and convenient as possible. You can choose from a wide range of products and services, so you can create the precise banking package to match your lifestyle.

Syria Gulf Bank we work every day to make your banking simpler and convenient. For this reason we are continually updating and enhancing our products and services to better meet needs.

النظام الأساسي لبنك سورية والخليج

نشرة أسعار العمولات والفوائد المطبقة في المصرف برقم مرجعي (C&I 1-2020) بدءً من تاريخ 17/2/2020 وحتى إشعار آخر

تعميم حول إجراءات فتح الحسابات المصرفية لأغراض تطبيق القرار 5/م.و والعمولات المطبقة على العمليات المتعلقة به